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These pages will collect some miscellaneous work not found elsewhere eg


or  on my Oxford personal web pages. This includes the use of clay tablets as a long term digital storage medium

Planning the Dictionary of Mambila Biography

Late 2014: publication of a book written with Roger Just:

David Zeitlyn and Roger Just:
Excursions in Realist Anthropology. A Merological Approach
ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-6403-9 ISBN-10: 1-4438-6403-X
Sample chapter online at


Oct 2015 open access paper ‘Looking Forward, Looking Back’ now online. Read it at

Launched in February 2015, an open access online journal: Vestiges: Traces of Record


One thought on “Starting Up

  1. Nzikachia I. Bami-Yuno

    I must commend Professors Zeitlyn and Connell for most valuable and enduring contributions to the study of the Mambilla region. VIMS is a great centre of leàrning.

    I have been engaged in independent, free-lance historical research in Mambilla, particularly on the Mambilla Plateau from 1996, but more intensively from November 2003. In addition to my field work now in 5 volumes, I have also had the opportunity to rely on the works of Profs Zeitlyn and Connell, Fowler, and of the other researchers such as Griffiths, Marieke, Laura, Komaromi, Gausett, etc. It has been interestingly stimulating.

    So far, we have here in Mambilla a pool of other resources I will be glad to make available to Prof. Zeitlyn and VIMS. Among these are:
    1. Bantu Commonwealth: The Bantu Expansion in Perspective. Now in press.
    2. Taraba- An Emerging Global Tourist Destination, Published 2019. This has historical info on several groups in Taraba State and much about tourism in the area. Etc.

    Regarding the Mambulla Dictionary Project, I will also be ready to provide the appropriate names for most towns and villages that have been corrupted. Too many of the contemporary toponyms in Mambilla are corruptions, misnomers and even pejorative references.

    Thank you most sincerely.

    Nzikachia Bami-Yuno,
    Triumph Leadership Institute, Jalingo, Taraba State, Nigeria
    (Secretary to the Council, Mbamnga Chiefdom, Mambilla, Taraba State).


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