Mistaken acknowledgements

Correcting mistaken spelling in published acknowledgements

Feed your inner narcissist.

Acknowledgements and other matter may be among the hardest things to proof read. It is not surprising that mistakes sneak through.
This wiki seeks to provide a mechanism to connect names to the published sources that sought to acknowledge them.

I provide some examples to get things going

Published Name Correct Name Source Reference Link Notes
Scott McEachern Scott MacEachern Our iron smelting 14C dates from Central Africa: from a plain appointment to a full blown relationship B Clist, p27 Academia
David Zeityln David Zeitlyn Casely-Hayford, G., J.T. Fargion & M. Wallace (eds.) 2015. West Africa: word, symbol, song London: British Library. p9 BL Shop
David Zeitlin David Zeitlyn Brown, P.B. & S.C. Levinson 1987. Introduction to the reissue: a review of recent work. In Politeness: some Universals in Language Use, 1-54. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. p51 Googlebooks